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Tools and Resources

cbm. computational and behavioral modeling toolbox

cbm provides matlab tools for Bayesian model fitting [manual/paper]

VKF implements "Volatile Kalman Filter" based on this paper:
Piray P, Daw ND, 2020, "A simple model for learning in volatile environments", PLoS Computational Biology.

Human striatum map: Connectivity-based parcellation of the human striatum based on resting fMRI, including these 5 clusters in the MNI space: ventral striatum, medial caudate, dorsal caudate, anterior putaman, posterior putaman. See this paper: 
Piray P, den Ouden H, van der Schaaf M, Toni I, Cools R. “Dopaminergic modulation of the functional ventrodorsal architecture of the human striatum”, Cerebral Cortex (2017).

Preprocessed fMRI data of Piray et al. (2019), "Emotionally aversive cues suppress neural systems underlying optimal learning in socially anxious individuals”, Journal of Neuroscience.

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